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Quelle: Kunden e-mails aus May, July und September 2010

Titel: Masterpiece Belt - Reference (Masterpiece-System-Hüftband-Modul, verstellbar, und "The ARCH"-Herren-Schutz-Sport-System-Modul mit Antibakterieller Beschichtung und Klimarohr (KYHV-MP, ARCHW, ROK))

Hi Reinhold,

My belt arrived today and my wife signed for it. No neighbours involved!

I have it on now and I must say I’m impressed.

It does feel tremendously tight, but I appreciate it will take a while to get used to and bend etc.

So for now I’m happy and taking it slowly.

I never said but thanks for your hospitality and advice when I visited. I’m glad I did.

Best regards to you and Astrid.


Hi Reinhold,

Apologies, I forgot to add:

The belt is very, very low visibility under clothes. Much better than I had dared to hope for!

In time I will provide some pictures and comments for your website.



Hi Reinhold,

I hope you are both well and also busy -- or on holiday of course :)

Here are some photos I took. Please feel free to add any you like to your website.

I have already posted these on a couple of sites where they generated some interest, positive comments and questions.

If you want “unique” shots for your site I can take some more. Don’t be afraid to ask if so, I will be pleased to take some more.

I will also send in a reference in the next few days. I’m very pleased.

After not so much use I will be in the belt for 4 ½ days tomorrow, I’m scheduled an out :)



Hi Reinhold,

I hope you are both well?

As I mentioned here is a reference from me below in blue. Sorry I did not send it earlier.

I hope you received the photos I sent a while back? Anyway, you can link them with this reference or not.

Please use no name (or if you need to for the photos “Andee”).


Dear Reinhold,

I am writing to say how pleased I am with my Masterpiece Arch belt. It is exactly what I wanted in a belt, low profile with good ease of movement and escape proof of course. Apart from the firm grip [required I know] I do not know that it is on and have performed all sorts of activities in it without discomfort or worry.

The comfort is better than I expected and I can wear it days at a time now, probably as long as I (we) like. It’ is much easier to live with than anything else I have owned, I had almost given up hope of finding a realistic chastity device.

The breaking in and adjustment period does take a little while but I didn’t push at all hard and “enjoyed” it as I went along :)

I was glad I visited for measuring, it’s quite clear to me the belt is the correct size and your knowledge of what makes for a comfortable and secure belt is second to none.

Please feel free to use some of the pictures I enclose on your site.

In summary, I am very pleased with the belt and am absolutely sure I made the correct choice of both manufacturer and belt style.

Best regards,


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