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Titel: Other Matter for Long Term Wear that must be done and considered

Dear Reinhold:

How are you. We are having a very cold and snow winter here as I think you know. I saw that posting you put on sight about long term wear of you fine chastity belt. As you know we are into long term wear betty has been locked for a very long time with some short times out of her belts that you have made for her.

If you belt is measured in the proper way as you know you sent us the kit and it was a done the first one that way with a lot of E mails and pictures back and forth until we finally though it was correct. If the measurments are right and you take your time with adjustments and build up wearing time then it can and will work out well for long term wear 24/7 as it did and has done for months and years in fact.

However there are other matter for long term wear that must be done and considered in my opinion. Also as we both know the second belt was measured and fitted by you and of course that would be the best way to get the best of all options. For those who do not know the first belt which was done with the kit was the Total chastity shemale one with some options then the second was your system with not only the total bottom but also over time the ergo bottom the sports ones and the arc and now also we have gotten the Masterpiece items.

Now as to what else must be considered for long term the one kept locked in our case betty I am her key holder at one time she was as you know my husband all man but you know why she is kept as she is by me now and why. You must take as I said time to let the one you are keeping locked up to adjust to the belt for long term wear. At least once a week unlock and check the one locked so you can check to see if any damage it being done you can use a good skin cream if needed and make any minor adjustment to the belt to correct any things that may be causing the problem. If it is a major problem then belt should be taken off to allow healing and then start again building up time again. Of course by now we have all the adjustment done but still weekly check. At that weekly time I take a hand shower and clean under and around belt full I feel that is important. I also use hair removal cream for I feel one locked as I keep betty should be hair free down there smooth I think it is better that way.

On a daily basis she must take a shower or bath or use a hand held shower to keep her belt clean as it is locked on her after all she does urinate and all with it on. On that matter since all bathroom functions are done thru it as it is on her 24/7 she must take care with how she sits on the toilet so all is in a proper way lets say when she goes so no mess. However over time you learn very well the correct way to sit and all. Due to all your bottoms with the cable and all we have found and she uses baby wipes or female wipes to clean her self after she goes. There is also the matter of leaking no matter how well one and she wipes there are always some urine etc left that drips out over time. The best way to make sure it is handles and not wetting ones underwear is to wear a pantie liner or female pad so it keeps you clean and dry also they can be changed during the day to handle any dripping of urine or pre cum. The long one as betty knows very well is locked the more this dripping problem and one does start dripping this precum since she has no release. Also I do use all your accessory and they include your anal probes which allow to keep her locked but to cause her to release more to keep her prostrate healthy.

Then especially for long term I feel one should really consider what underwear should be worn. I feel since locked in your belt the male look is totally gone. One is left flat and round. You no longer need the support and the pouch so female panties are the proper underwear they also have the flat look that the belt gives one and also the cotton gusset crotch that handles any drips and is made to hold female pads etc..

I hope this gives others another view on long term wear and what it is like dealing with it

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