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Titel: Like a real life prosthesis for my new life as a true sissy cuck (Silikon-Vagina, SIVA)

Dear Reinhold Mende,

THANK YOU! my new Silicone "fashion accessory"/identify came safely the other day and I have been wearing it day and night. It has made me understand my desire for "change"! MY QUEEN/wife LOVE it and says it looks soooo real! It sure feels real! THANK YOU SOO Respectfully submitted!!!




I am honored and proud to represent this great opportunity to experience the sensation of being a woman while still being a man in public (I have to at this time in my life) and this fashion accessory eases my mind on the inside... I wore it day and night for the first week or so and now I mostly wear it when my Queen requests it!!!!! I hope to order a couple more so I can wear them 24/7 like a real life prosthesis for my new life as a true sissy cuck very soon, so I will keep you posted on my measurements as my transformations proceeds at the direction of my Queen!!! THIS new way IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN A CHASITY DEVICE...

Thank You So Much!!!!


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